for those who serve

There are those who live selflessly day-in and day-out. These are the workers whose careers are bent on service, but still possess creativity deep inside. Our Frontline Offering focuses on writing, editing, and publishing for those who serve.

who falls within frontline?

We have identified the following as industries that often get overlooked. In a post-2020 world, society often correlates “Frontline Workers” with those in healthcare, which isn’t wrong, but we think it’s important to help leaders in all of the following sectors to write and tell their stories for the world to hear.


Nurses single-handedly brought “Frontline” vernacular to the foreground during a global pandemic, which highlighted the hard work they do. We think they deserve a creative outlet. 


The conversation regarding teacher salary is ongoing—and we agree that teachers should make more money. Therefore, we help them write and publish their book, allowing them to start a side-hustle as a result.


Whether active or former military, writing one’s words down can be an incredibly healing process. We come alongside men and women who have served, and serve them in the book-writing process.


Serving in full-time ministry isn’t always blood and sweat, but it is often tears. Those in ministry are on a spiritual Frontline, and we want to help them write and publish their books.


That person who served you coffee this morning? They have a brilliant story to tell. Service workers deserve an outlet from the mundane, and authorship can make that outlet a reality.


Either higher-ed or other forms of administration, we want to help those who devote so much of their time to helping others. Everyone has a story to tell—even if they hold the title as “Admin.”

What will frontline authors receive?

the title of "Author"

To go alongside "Hero"

an outlet for creativity

Other than your grind of a day job.

passive income

Because your work is priceless.

Know a frontline worker with a story to tell?

We’d love to meet them! Please let us know in the contact box below why they need to write their book.