our core 16-week offering

From the time we meet on an intro call, to the time you’re holding your published book, we lead with relationships and trust.

Relationships come in the form of our team—you will be assigned a Project Manager, a Writer, and a Copy Editor to see your project through to completion.

Trust is the core value we have built our offering on. You may not know the ins-and-outs of writing and publishing, but we do. And we’ll serve as your guide each step of the way.

Additional Services


One of our FAQs at Streamline is about recording one’s audiobook, and we love answering “YES!” Feel free to inquire about our preferred audiobook partners as we’d love to not just read your book but hear it in this world that prioritizes audio as a medium.


If you already have your own website that points to you as an author and/or speaker, then no need for you to request a new website. However, if you have no website presence, we’d  strongly believe a solid website is the first place many people might go to learn more about you and your book! Make sure you have a website locked down in the months ahead.


If hosting your own podcast has been a dream of yours, we’d love to help make it a reality for you! A podcast is a wonderful way to keep the conversation about your book rolling into the future. Host your own guests and asks questions that revolve around their story, and you’ll be surprised at how they’ll want to share yours!

PR & Promotion

If you desire ongoing, month-to-month PR and promotion, that’s awesome! It shows that you want your book to go as far as it can, and for that to happen . . . We think you need the right people in your corner. But it also means that you’re ready to invest on a month-to-month basis for strong and consistent communication.

Custom Printing

At Streamline, we utilize print-on-demand services, which is great, but if you want a “special edition” of your book . . . Then you might need a custom print run (or two or three or a dozen) of your book! We have a premier custom printer in our corner, and would love to get you connected in the days ahead!

Group Coaching

We know how much power there is in coming alongside a community to keep the fire of your book launch burning. Therefore, we invite you to our FREE monthly group coaching call—led by our Co-Founders, Will Severns and Alex Demczak, with guests such as past Streamline Authors and industry leaders!

you don't have to wait years to write your book

We would love to explain more of our process on a brief 30-minute call. Schedule a time below.

Invest in yourself. And invest in a team who truly believes in the story/lessons you have to share with the world.

What about preparing for my book launch?

In and throughout our process, we know that preparing for your book launch is not only an important aspect of releasing your message into the world, but it’s also something you can start doing today! Whether you’re growing your email list, posting on social media, or conducting free keynote speeches for organizations in your community, we know there are a number of ways you can begin preparing for your book launch—even if you haven’t written your book!

As for the ways Streamline will come alongside you in preparing for your book launch, we will help you think through and strategize for your book launch through a few different ways, but we know that you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to implementing on book launch strategies. In other words, we can tell you when to turn right, but only you can turn the wheel. 

All-in-all, we want to help our authors redefine what true “Success” looks like when it comes to launching your book. After all, whether an author sells hundreds of copies after their book launch or simply a few dozen, we know the true success lies in consistency over the long haul—months and years into the future—with promoting a message you truly believe in.

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