our core 16-week offering

From the time we meet on an intro call, to the time you’re holding your published book, we lead with relationships and trust.

Relationships come in the form of our team—you will be assigned a Project Manager, a Writer, and a Copy Editor to see your project through to completion.

Trust is the core value we have built our offering on. You may not know the ins-and-outs of writing and publishing, but we do. And we’ll serve as your guide each step of the way.

Turnkey publishing

kick-off call

Our 16-Week Process begins with a 90-minute Kick-Off Call. This is where we clarify things like audience, themes, outline, and more. It’s very conversational but extremely beneficial to the project as a whole.

weekly communication

Whether you’re writing (Option 1) or we’re writing (Option 2), we will be in touch weekly! This is accompanied by our bi-weekly check-in calls and/or interviews. We will be with you each step of the way.

clear expectations

As stated in “Our Why“, many authors have “Bestseller” intentions, and we don’t blame them. We honestly walk you through the writing process and set clear expectations for before, during, and after authorship.

manuscript editing & collaboration

Some publishers don’t want to see your manuscript until it’s finished. At Streamline, we will come alongside your manuscript at any point (a block of marble) and chip away at anything that isn’t your book.

expert design and interior layout

We handle every part of the book publishing process—including cover design as well as typesetting. (Interior layout and design). All to create and deliver a beautiful book into your hands and others’!

a team to make your book a reality

Our PM’s, writers, and editors are not just good at what they do—they’re really nice people! Sharing your words with others is a vulnerable thing, but rest assured our Streamline team takes each word to heart.

you don't have to wait years to write your book

We would love to explain more of our process on a brief 30-minute call. Schedule a time below.

Invest in yourself. And invest in a team who truly believes in the story/lessons you have to share with the world.

3 options to choose from.
1 life-changing experience.

option 0

Finished manuscript + we edit

If you have a finished manuscript and are ready to get it over the finish line to publish, that’s great! Our Option 0 is for those who seek final editing, design, and publishing of their book to share with the world.

option 1

you interview + you write

Do you have an extensive past writing blog posts, articles, publications, or otherwise? If you want to lead the way writing, that’s great! We conduct interviews with you and provide transcripts to keep you going.

Option 2

you interview + we write

“Guys I don’t have the time and/or skill” often means a full Ghostwrite, which is also exciting for our team! We get to interview you, transcribe, and write a bulk of your book while maintaining the authenticity of your voice.