Dale Alexander: The Talk (about money)

If you were asked when you did the most reading in life, there’s a possibility you would say as an adult. Most likely, though, you would talk about the many books you read in either high school or college.

You might reflect that you spent as much time complaining about the books you read as you did actually reading what was assigned because sometimes the books you read seem trivial compared to what is going on in your life. As exciting as the roaring twenties sound or as riveting as 1800s France was, you just might not see the benefit for your own life.

What if you had a book that translated to something practical—something that could directly impact and enrich future generations and set them up for success?

What if you could get schools to read your book? Dale Alexander did. 

Dale was one of Streamline’s first authors, and he wrote a book because he understood how to steward money and teach others about it as well. Once Streamline published his book, he continued speaking to schools but he did not stop there. Instead, he wanted the younger generation to get a chance to learn for themselves.

Dale’s book, The Talk (about money), addresses the singular, life-changing decision that young adults make to become some of the wealthiest and most generous people in the world. It is a harbinger of hope for young adults who are at a loss in how to achieve financial success during the most important time of their life. It is perhaps the most important “life decision” they can make because it impacts every other area of their life. 

Dale knew the secret to financial success and wrote a book. Then, he wanted it in schools.

To stoke stewardship of finances, he knew schools must first encourage an interest in it. He knew that many kids are lackadaisical about the works they read in school—so why not give them one that they can institute into their lives now?

Luckily, this goal was not so difficult. Dale’s network included many in the education space, and these leaders had children who needed help with their finances. So, Dale told superintendents about his book. 

Dale says, Speaking to Curriculum Directors or Principals is usually the best way to get your book into their curriculum. But first is writing highly compelling content that is irresistible to the readers.”

What makes it irresistible, though? What made the Georgia State Board of Education order 120,000 copies of his book

Yes, you read that right . . . 120,000 copies! The State of Georgia simply could not resist his book because of its relevance and immediacy. Not only was his advice applicable to his audience, but he was also eager to share it. He wrote about it, sure, but he wanted to talk about it, too. His passion did not perish within the pages of his book but infiltrated his very being. 

Money is a tough topic for some, but it doesn’t have to be—Dale was willing to face it head-on. He wanted to have the conversation and bridge the gap in order to set up future generations for success. He was willing to forge a path to help create financial stability and comfort for young men and women just beginning to work their lives out.

Now, Dale stands on stages all across the country to have “the talk”. He saw a need and met it—and it all started at the dinner table. In his book, he talks about a lasting change, something that impacts people far beyond you. He gives one succinct formula:

Lasting Change = A Passionate Discontent + A Powerful Vision

Now, within the context of his book, he is talking about setting a financial foundation. This formula, though, has proved to be a key part of his life and his own being. He is passionately discontent about a generation avoiding a talk that is essential to success and stability in life, and he wants to see it incorporated into the fabric of their culture.

Basically, he saw a glaring need and set out to meet it. And he did—with the help of our team at Streamline Books. Dale Alexander’s knowledge is impacting the entirety of Georgia’s next generation . . . all because he was willing to have the talk (about money).

Lucy Nickel

Lucy Nickel

Lucy is a Content Writer at Streamline Books. She lives in Branson, MO and loves writing and editing as work and hobby, in addition to film and media production.