we build trust

The first of our five core values is crucial to our business model, because authors like you are counting on us to lead the way. We don’t take your trust lightly.

we speak life

“Who would want to hear or read my story?” That’s a lie many tell themselves, but here’s the reality: the world needs your voice.


Communication is key regarding the writing, editing, and publishing side of our business—therefore, project management is the cruz of all we do internally and externally.


Every day we’re growing, and our goal is to wake up and kick complacency square in the face. We believe that “Someone you have yet to meet is counting on you to get better today.”


Writing, editing, and publishing a book is no small feat! However, that doesn’t mean each step should be taken so seriously. With the proper system and team in place, we want to have FUN together toward a common goal.

core offerings

There is a well-known statistic: “81% of people say they have a book in them, but less than 1% will ever write it.” Part of our overarching goal at Streamline Books is to increase that second number.

We believe our four packages cover a wide audience—to help write and publish their book. But we’re most excited about yours.

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