Sharing my story: from idea in your head to pages in their hands

“Everyone has a book these days!” That’s the sentiment shared by many individuals, but it’s also the sentiment that prevents you from writing yours. Before we get to the importance of your book, it’s first necessary to reframe the question. I want to do that by replacing one word in the sentence: “Everyone has a story these days.” In other words, you might have initial pause when thinking about “Writing my book.” But what about “Sharing my story”? That is what we believe you were called to. Here’s why.

You have a message the world needs to hear. That line is something we included throughout our website because we believe it’s true. But to explain why the world needs your story, it’s worth noting what the world doesn’t need:

  • For you to write a bestseller.
  • For you to get famous.
  • For you to become a millionaire.

Just to name a few! Now, are those three things bad in themselves? Of course not. You might be one or all three of those things, and we’d say “Congratulations!” You did it. But you also might be none of those things, and guess what? The truth remains . . .

There is Power in Sharing My Story

I hope you said that subheading out loud. And I hope it felt good to say those words, because it’s easy to think we don’t have a story to share, and that the world wouldn’t benefit from articulating and “sharing my story” for the world to hear.

To clarify, when we say “world” we aren’t talking about 7 billion people. Instead, when Streamline Books talks about the “World” that needs your book, we’re talking about your friends, family, and colleagues, yes, but we’re also talking about an even more exciting audience: those you have yet to meet.

It’s one of the most powerful things our Streamline team gets to be a part of—empowering new authors to reach new audiences and earn money, credibility, and opportunities in an entirely new way. (We’ll break those down in a minute). But we get so many that come to us thinking about those three bullet points–bestseller, fame, money—and we have the opportunity to help them with a better endeavor: the slow-burning impact of sharing your story and expertise with the world.

Once we help write, edit, and publish a book for new authors, the exciting journey of authorship begins, and the good work of “sharing my story” becomes a possibility.

Money, Credibility, Opportunity

Those are three big components that come with sharing your story in book form. Our Streamline team has found that to be the case first hand, as we are authors and speakers ourselves. But again, these three words solicit their own level of reframing before you consider writing a bestseller, becoming famous, and making a million dollars.

Writing a book is hard work, but it starts on page one. You have maybe heard the phrase, “Write what you know,” and we’d agree with that phrase! We also believe that nobody knows your story like you do. So let’s begin writing yours.

But hold on—before you open up that Word Document or Google Doc, consider those three elements once more.

Your book will make you money, but not in the ways you think. Will your book earn you some book sales? Absolutely. How much money in book sales is dependent on many factors, but Streamline Books exist for those who aren’t as concerned about book sales and more so the aftermath of writing a book—speaking engagements, workshops, and growing your own business. All three of those elements, in our experience, are a much better indicator of return on investment (ROI). It’s almost like a pie with four slices:

  1. Book Sales
  2. Speaking Engagements
  3. Workshops/Curriculum
  4. Growing a Business

Four key slices we see authors benefit from on their way to ROI. In the early days of Streamline, we talked about our “Money Back Guarantee” which essentially states that you will have the opportunity to earn money back on sharing your story, but you will gain something far more important than income in the months and years to come.

Leaving a Legacy

Death is the only guarantee in life. Isn’t that a cruel reality? We never know when a day will be our last on earth. And lest you call me out for the morbid truth, allow it to shift your mindset in the way you’re pursuing writing as a medium.

Now, is writing the only way to leave a legacy? Not at all. In fact, I hope your legacy is more about the kind of person, friend, spouse, or parent you are. But in any event, the things we leave behind when we’re gone have the power to encourage others even after our time on earth is through.

I know this is getting pretty deep, but hang with me . . .

Stephen King, in his book On Writing talks about how good writing is like telepathy. In short, he describes how the words we write bring an opportunity to speak to those 5, 10, or 50 years from now.

Imagine that! “Sharing my story” is where it begins, and the ROI question might come next, but the longer lasting legacy is the impact your story might have on grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and perhaps even business leaders decades into the future.

All it takes is a little reframing of a common phrase: “Everyone has a book these days!” And taking a less cynical approach: you have a story to share, and others will be positively impacted for years to come.

Now is when you can open up that Word Document or Google Doc.s

Will Severns

Will Severns

Will is the Co-Founder of Streamline Books and author of Gouge. He and his wonderful wife, Lauren, live in Kansas City, Missouri with their son, Branch, and daughter, Wynnie.